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If there’s something that’s always difficult to find in an office, it’s some peace and quiet. You really need to get away and take that call and work on that project, but there’s nowhere in your building that will allow you to do so. That’s why so many business owners are installing double glazed acoustic glass partitions Leeds in their offices. What makes them the best solution for you?

Double Glazed Acoustic Partitions LeedsThe Old School Solution

In the past, you may have considered building extra rooms in your office with plasterboard walls. In theory, it works well. You’ll have an extra room where you can work quietly, away from the bustle of the office at large. However, there are some downsides to using these rooms.

Plasterboard wall will, by their very nature, block out light. That causes you several problems. Firstly, it stops you from placing your walls right where you want them. If there’s a window in the way, you’ll need to consider whether you can lose that window on the office floor. That window will give you light in the room, but it will make the office darker. If you move the room over away from the window, it will feel somewhat like working in a storage cupboard. It’s just not ideal.

Then there’s the issue of having the walls installed. It’s going to take a while to have the plasterboard installed, and that’s going to cause a lot of noise and mess. Of course, construction workers will do their best to keep it to a minimum, but there’s only so much they can do.

While regular walls will give you what you need in terms of a quiet place to work, they’re just not ideal. That’s why people are turning to double glazed acoustic glass Leeds to get what they need.

The Benefits Of Acoustic Glass

On paper, the idea of glass instead of plasterboard walls doesn’t seem that ideal. Will you get the same privacy and noise cancellation as you would with a regular wall? You absolutely would. Acoustic glass is designed to dampen sound, much in the same way your windows do. Because of this, you’ll be able to shut the door on the room and be able to work in relative quiet.

There’s plenty of other benefits too, so there’s lots of reasons to consider having them installed in your office:

Shut out sound but not light: While you’re shutting out sound, as you would with regular plasterboard walls, you’re not shutting out the light. This makes it so much easier to create a room just where you want it. For example, if a window is in the area you want to use, that isn’t a problem. You can arrange the room around it, and the light can still shine through the glass walls. This way, you can place that new room just where it needs to be.

 Keep a visual on the office: While you need some privacy, you don’t want to be totally shut out of the office. You still want to see what’s happening, and be in touch with everyone else. When it comes to creating these office spaces, glass partitions are the way to go. They will allow you to see out, so you’ll still be in the loop no matter what happens.

Slimmer profiles: Something you need to consider when planning to create extra rooms in your office is the size of the walls. Of course, the size of the room is important, but the walls will add to the size. A plasterboard wall is going to be thicker than a glass one, so double glazed acoustic glass partitions Leeds are going to be perfect for saving space.

 Update your look: Want to create an office that feels more modern? Then glass walls are perfect for this. They’re a very affordable way to bring the area up to speed, and make it feel professional and welcoming.

Double glazed acoustic glass partitions Leeds are a great way to create those break out zones in your office, and get that quiet space to work. Talk to us today about having your own installed, and see how we can help you get the right design.

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